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 Post subject: One Key to False Religions…Control
PostPosted: 29 Jan 2017, 00:36 
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Control…small word, big meaning. Control of the masses has been around for centuries. One can find it imbedded and put to use in both good (iffy) and diabolical purposes. From A to Z.

Why did the Israelites insist on having a ruler/king (Saul) apart from God's leadership/guidance? To have their own way? To usurp God's Authority? To put many, many things beneath their own control?

Perhaps a mixture of all of the above. In other words, it came down to rebellion against God, though He stepped back and let them have their own way (much to their eventual sorrow).

So we look at world history and see what the applying of control by those in power (or authority) has brought on to mankind. And when God is shut out by those in power, what chaos and heartbreak follows.

God's involvement in world history has only brought good to mankind. But since man has free choice and long ago decided to take the 'reins' into their own hands (from the Garden of Eden on up), look what it all has finally come to. Literally men of great power shaking their fists in God's face.

And it goes the gamut—covering governments and religion the world over, affecting (eventually) everyone. When I mention religion, I do not mean (or include) true Christianity.

Many religions, worldwide, include idolatry, which include strict rules that the duped masses 'have' to follow. You might pause here to observe, closely, with no deviation in considering idol worshippers, that these so-called beliefs have leaders who apply strong control over their followers. Always. Some forms of this control even include tenets (made up and tacked on), which guarantee their coiffeurs will never lack…will always be full. One familiar religion requires payment, after a loved one dies in their belief system, to place their loved one's soul out of purgatory and into paradise. In God's written Word? No!!! In theirs…yes. So sad…

Later on I will mention a few of these 'religions' by name, and if I step on anyone's tender toes, so be it. Evil can never be rooted out without TRUTH being realized. Those religions have provided their own bibles/books of rules and beliefs to back up their 'control' over those foolish enough to fall for Satan's lies.

Yes, by now you've already guessed (know) that any belief apart from our Almighty God, is, pure and simple, Satan's lies.

We true children of the One God see, even in this day and age (especially), what the depravity of mankind can lead us to. Sadly, a place where good is considered evil and evil, good. We have learned this the hard way, even in these so-called modern times, what children of the one TRUE God have always known. When evil rules, we suffer.

And we've seen what happens when God's Light shines upon the darkness of evil and those who live it and perform it. Evil scrambles to recover their loosened grip of control.

Because of our Christian belief, in truly living that truth, we bring guilt to those involved in evil doings. God's Light of TRUTH exposes their dark, evil ways. So the evil hastens to put out the Light. However, God's Light cannot be doused. Rather, darkness is destroyed by Light.

Simple example for instance. A tiny switch at a room's entrance brings instant illumination to the entire room. The dark is gone. Just like that.

The sun, each new day, brings light to the entire world. During this time, can darkness enter? NO! Not until the sun's final, daily rays, fade into the impending darkness of night. Only when the sun sets can darkness enter, which is destroyed, once again, by a rising sun. Darkness doesn't 'rise'. Darkness has no say until light is gone. Can Darkness (evil) rise of itself to destroy light? Good question.

Spiritually speaking, by the Light of God's Word, No! But there is that one situation where it can. When evil prevails, good is already doing nothing (to very little) to prevent evil domination.

To get back to 'control', I need to point out some religions and governments/individuals involved, by naming some aggressors we're more familiar with from the past: Roman rule, Attilla the Hun, Napoleon, so-called early century crusaders, Hitler (socialism/nazi/communism), which is only a naming a few of the power hungry. In religion a few that come to mind these days are Islam/Muslims, Buddhism, Catholicism, Mormans, Jehovah Witnesses. There are many more unnamed.

And all of these have their own rules/bibles…even to the extent of perverting God's Holy Word—the scriptures. Done by changing in deleting and adding to God's precious Word, all to exert control over the blind masses who follow: The blind leading the blind.

We have all seen how that works these days in America. And it is all done in the name of applying control. Such a small word. Such a big meaning.

There are many other ways to detect false religions than the control factor. It goes along the line of false promises.

One thing we can rely on completely. God's TRUTH! It never varies. It is always the same. God is motivated by His pure love for us. No matter who we are or what we've done, the bottom line is that there is only one sin that keeps anyone from Heaven. And that is the stubborn refusal to accept Christ's great salvation and to accept Him HIS way. Not ours. His definition of the WAY. His definition of the TRUTH. His definition of LIFE.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, I'm looking forward to getting to know you for an eternity of rejoicing. And my prayer is that we all keep our eyes on God's provision, not man's.



Always remember, God loves you no matter what!
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